The Roomy Parker Shed

Roomy Parker

An all-new concept in Park Home shed design

  • Constructed from anodised aluminium framing and uPVC panels & roof.
  • All materials are either non-flammable or self-extinguishing.
  • The uPVC roof is moulded to shape with a joint free side-to-side format.
The Roomy Parker is an all-new concept in Park Home shed design incorporating the folllowing unique features:

Roomy Parker Inside the Roomy Parker

The uPVC roof is moulded to shape with a joint free side-to-side format (no ridge caps) and fixing placed outside the interior area so that it cannot leak.

Translucent roof panels can be substituted for opaque panels, allowing light in but cutting down on the ability to 'see' into the building.

Twin doors give two opening sizes - either 2'9" (one open) or 4'0" (both open).

All uprights have Click System vertical attachment uprights allowing all Click Shelving options ( to be fitted on both the side & back walls.

The Click System Building Frame allows benches or desks to be wall-mounted easily and cost effectively.

Roomy Parkers have extra headroom with an eaves height of 7'.

The sectional construction of the Click Components, derived from the Exhibition Industry and which was first used at the opening of the NEC and since, enabling the building to be extended, modified, taken down and moved without damage using a 4mm hex key.

NB. Condensation on the inside surfaces of any building can occur even with uPVC during winter months. The amount of condensation will be far less than with a metal building but more than with a concrete building. Treatments such as Ronseal Anti-Condensation coating are available to limit or obviate this and good ventilation will help to minimise the problem.

DIY: Savings are available for customers wishing to erect the garage themselves.
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What Next?

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